Please note our change in meeting location:

We now hold our bi-monthly meetings at VMRC's Village Hall,

1475 Virginia Ave., Harrisonburg, VA.


Directions: Take 42 North (Virginia Ave.) to the entrance of VMRC, immediately turn right on Heritage Drive. At the intersection with Shank Drive, cross Shank to Village Hall (there is a sign at the intersection).  Click here for a map of VMRC.

Our mission: To empower survivors of brain injury and their families through support, awareness, education, advocacy and prevention.

According to the CDC, each year more than 2,000 Virginians incur permanent disabilities as a  result of 28,000 brain injuries.

Virginia ranks 50th in the nation for fiscal support for community-based services for persons with disabilities, not just brain injury.  Yet we rank 12th in per capita income.  We must work toward supporting people with disabilities.

Currently there are three pediatric brain injury case managers for the entire state.

Seven day programs and clubhouses serve 200 Virginians who have survived brain injury in Virginia.  There are none in western Virginia.

Less than 1% of Virginians with brain injury needing specialized supportive living services are receiving them.

Due to the lack of appropriate services, individuals with brain injury often end up in the criminal justice and mental health systems, costing the Commonwealth significiantly more money than the cost of services needed to rehabilitate and educate survivors back into the community.

50% of primary caregivers leave their jobs to provide care for an individual with a brain injury.  Financial hardships on families result in the breakdown of the unit.  Many survivors become homeless and are lost in the system.

Without competent  providers, a brain injury waiver would lack sufficient resources.  The continuation of these provider organizations is absolutely critical, and is needed before or at the same time as successfull passage and implementation of a brain injury waiver.

Consortium of  Providers: Crossroads to Brain Injury Recovery, Inc., Brain Injury Association  of Virginia, Brain Injury Services, Inc., Brain Injury Services of Southwest VA,  Commonwealth Support Systems, The Mill House and NeuroRestorative are the only  providers of community-based services in the state.