The "Hidden Disability"

Brain Injury is not like other injuries. It is not visible in appearance to others. Lives are changed in an instant, for the survivor as well as their families and friends. Long term effects are very real.


The course of recovery is less predictable and brings with it complex challenges. Major causes of traumatic brain injuries are falls (28%), motor vehicle/traffic crashes (20%),
and assaults (11%). Blasts are the leading cause of TBI for active duty military personnel in war zones.


Every year in the United States, 1.7 million people sustain a Traumatic Brain Injury. Of these, over 50,000 will die.


Traumatic Brain Injury is the leading killer and disabler of this country's children and young adults. It does, however, happen to people of all ages.


The amount of brain damage following an injury may vary from mild to severe and may cause impairments that are temporary or last a lifetime. No two brain injuries are alike.  The physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and financial costs of brain injury can be enormous.


Care for brain injury survivors cost billions of dollars in the U.S. each year. Community inclusion is cheaper than institutions.